Donkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet

Killer Kitsch

Deviant Art user BazNet presents Donkey Kong mashed with pop culture movies and TV shows in classic 8-bit pixel-art style. As a retro gaming fan, and massive geek, these designs tick all the right boxes. Aliens, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, Star Wars and Sesame Street characters climb those sloping levels trying to reach the top, save their ally and hopefully take out the fiendish kidnapper at the end of the game (with a big sword, pulse rifle or in Cookie Monsters case a giant cookie distraction).

Donkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Adventure TimeDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Sesame Street

Head on over to BazNet’s Deviant Art profile for more fun illustrations and also BazNet on Redbubble where you can purchase some of these designs on apparel.

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Donkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - AliensDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - PrometheusDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Star Wars The Empire Strikes BackDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Star Wars The Return of the JediDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Game of ThronesDonkey Kong mash-ups by BazNet - Doctor Who

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